Lectures, Conversations, and Debates


Every semester, the Dallas Forum sponsors several academic lectures, debates, or other public discussions. These take place either on the University of Dallas campus or elsewhere in the Metroplex. Topics range from contemporary public issues to their philosophical underpinnings. 

Competing Views on Providing Access to Healthcare for Americans

21 Jan 2020

James Capretta (American Enterprise Institute)

Dr. Brett Stauffer (Baylor Scott and White Health)

Cicero’s Greatest Political Challenge

1 Feb 2020

Dr. Gerard Wegemer (University of Dallas)

Does Wealth Distort the Political Process? The Question of Campaign Finance

18 Feb 2020

John Pudner (Take Back Our Republic)

The Supreme Court, Civil Rights, and Transgenderism: The Bostock Revolution

22 Sept 2020

Mary Rice Hasson (Ethics and Public Policy Center)

Response by Dr. David Upham (University of Dallas)

The Future of Religious Freedom Jurisprudence: Open Questions and Possible Resolutions 

23 Sept 2020

Andrew Graham (First Liberty Institute)


A Political Theorist Goes to Washington: What I Learned in a Year of Government Service

16 Oct 2020 

Dr. Daniel Burns (University of Dallas)


Learning to Love Lincoln: Frederick Douglass’s Journey from Grievance to Gratitude 

21 Oct 2020

Dr. Diana Jo Schaub (Loyola University Maryland)

Response by Dr. Susan Hanssen (University of Dallas)


Biden, the Swamp, and the Trump Effect

30 Jan 2021

Dr. Richard Dougherty (University of Dallas)

Natural Rights, Natural Law, and the Founding Era 

24 March 2021

Dr. Samuel Gregg (Acton Institute)

Schools and the Confrontation with Transgenderism 

21 April 2021

Katherine Kersten (Center of the American Experiment)

Lessons Learned in the COVID-19 Pandemic Response 

22 Sept 2021

Dr. Peter McCullough (Truth for Health Foundation)

Response by Dr. William Stigall (Cook Children’s Medical Center)

Benedict XVI on Law and Conscience: The Bundestag Speech, Ten Years Later






15 Oct 2021

Dr. Daniel Burns (University of Dallas)

Dr. Richard Dougherty (University of Dallas)

Dr. Angela Knobel (University of Dallas)

The Future of Conscience Rights in Healthcare: What Medical Professionals Need to Know 

20 Oct 2021

Roger Severino (Ethics and Public Policy Center)

Defending Civil Rights in the Trump Administration: A Conversation

 21 Oct 2021

Roger Severino (Ethics and Public Policy Center)

Interviewed by Dr. Daniel Burns (University of Dallas)

Latino Agency: Becoming a Force to be Reckoned With 

Nov 10, 2021 

Daniel Garza (LIBRE Initiative)

Response by Dr. Mark Petersen (University of Dallas)

Should We Be Feminists?






25 February 2022

Richard Reeves, Ph.D (Brookings Institute)

Erika Bachiochi, M.A., J.D. (Ethics and Public Policy Center)

Scott Yenor, Ph.D. (Boise State University)

John Fisher and Thomas More: Keeping Their Souls While Losing Their Heads

16 September 2022

Judge Robert Conrad (federal District Court)


What has Rome to do with Jerusalem? The Holy City and the Formation of a Western Identity 

21 October 2022

Dr. Jon Paul Heyne (University of Dallas)

How to Win (and Lose) at the Supreme Court

Img Bursch 4 400x4009 November 2022

John Bursch (Alliance Defending Freedom)

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