2021-22 Student Fellows

The Dallas Forum supports a community of undergraduate and graduate students in the Dallas area who seek to understand American public life through the lens of the Western natural law tradition.


If you would like to become one of our Fellows, or if you are interested in connecting with them about possible jobs or internships, please contact us at [email protected].

Dallas Forum Undergraduate Fellows

Peter Coble 

Hannah Curtis

Caroline Cyr 

Anne Davis

Gabriel Farrell 

Corey Gunter

Alexa Hassell

Patrick Kearney 

Grace Kurkowski

Mary Kurkowski 

George Linn 

Timothy Naegele 

Madeline Narduzzi 

Julea Pehl 

Athena Ralles Martinez

Elizabeth Regnerus 

Emily Reiter 

Erin Schniederjan 

Catherine Schwenk

Michael Ullrich

Jacob Warila

Dallas Forum Graduate Fellows

Megan (Arago) Russo

Joseph Boyle 

Maia Campbell 

Peter Conroy 

Melissa Dow

Megan Furman

Ben Giles

Nicolas McAfee

Miriam McElvain

Ella Sullivan

Alex Taylor

Elisa Torres 

Noah Torres

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